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New functionalities

  • limiting the maximum number of VoIP subscribers to 100
  • removed from configuration SMTP Slican server
  • CDR prptpcol - realy information about DTMF dialled numbers on DISA or IVR
  • new GSM module SIMCOM 800
  • open control DPH.IP via CTS button
  • introduced UserTag w protokole XML.CDR
  • reay information about open the door via DPH.IP in XML protocol
  • DPH.IP doorphones
  • introduced Access Control System - control of user input/output into to the zones
  • service and support for Audio.IP devices
  • reecord access control system events in CDR and BillingMan

Bug fixes

  • od 6.52.0850
    • corrected operation of the ACD group
    • removed phone login error in CTS.IP
    • removed from ban log PhoneCTI.VoIP application
    • corrected MoH and annoucements on call queue for SIP subscriber
    • corrected lack of service *21 locking the phone
    • fixed a bug that failed to send CTS button configuration
  • od 6.52.0700
    • Poprawiono zwalnianie łącza analogowego przypisanego pod przycisk
    • new message about voicemail in WebCTI in the case of unconditional redirection
    • lack of the name ACD group in billing log