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Slican MessengerCTI.Desktop is software which purpose is to assist users of Slican PBX. Thanks to the graphic interface displayed on the computer screen, software allows for convenient access of telephone calls and other functions related to it. Software delivers additional features that allows to expand capabilities of desk phone. Software combines capabilities of controlling desk phone connected to PBX, for example choosing number, receiving calls and also application is able to function as standalone phone. Software also allows to: accessing PBX's phonebook, call history, status of phone and other users of MessengerCTI, text communication and sending or receiving SMS messages. Additionaly for new version of DPH.IP doorphone equipped with camera - video preview was added.

Application works with all tyopes of phones connected to Slican PBX: CTS system phones, analog or VoIP phones. In the most recent firmware version of PBX(6.53 IPx, 1.11 NCP) MessengerCTI can work as standalone VOIP phone. Depending on type of used phone usage of application slightly differs. While using CTS system phone, device is integrated with software, calls can be controlled with turning on speakerphone(choosing number, connecting, picking up or disconnecting call). Users of analogue phones will benefit from this software because they'll gain access functions that aren't available on these types of devices.

Basic functionalities

Using cameras and DPH.IP doorphones

Introduction of DPH.IP doorphones that include cameras led to solution that allows display of video from these cameras. Functionality was added with MessengerCTI.Desktop.