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CTS-DHSG description

CTS-DHSG adapter allows to connect EHS system headset(Electronic Hook Switch) equipped in DHSG interface to CTS-330 (u and IP)system phone. Using this device allows us to control external headset pick-up and hang-up and triggering the ringer.

Characteristics of CTS-DHSG adapter

CTS-DHSG adapter cooperates with:

  • Slican IPL-0256,
  • Slican IPM-032,
  • Slican IPU-014,
  • Slican IPS-08,
  • Slican MAC-6400.

Adapter was designed to cooperate with DHSG interface with RJ-45 connector for example: Jabra PRO 9465 DUO, Jabra PRO 925 BT, Jabra PRO 9450, Jabra PRO 920, Plantronics APS-11 EHS dedicated for Plantronics CS540A, .


For CTS-DHSG adapter to work properly, PBX firmware version above 6.22.0150 is required and CTS-330 phone with at least 1.21.11 version.