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Analisys.PNG Analysis module is available:

  • after first launching during 900 minutes[1],
  • after purchasing license for Analisys Module -
  • License price for analysis module in application depends on subscriber ports number instaled in PBX (including VoIP subscribers, subscriber accounts, linking accounts etc)

User interface

Call analisys.PNG
  1. Tools - managing templates and module settings.
  2. Tree result grouping
  3. Filter form - here you can set data range to analise.
  4. Window - result table - here you can see results of analysis, they can be viewed or enter to detail analisys or generate chart.


  1. If you using trial version, appropriate text is visible in aplication title. To check how many minutes remain to trial version expiry, an option Help→Licence should be selected. In window appears after selecting this option, license number can be entered. Time of trial version is deducted from total time of using BillingMAN.