CTIP and VoIP integration

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CTIP signaling for VOIP subscriber (ver. 1) includes some limitations. After switching on CTIP signaling for VoIP subscriber (Subscribers/Special settings Field: Access levels to CTI transmission), only one call can be established from VoIP (SIP, IAX) account - only one VoIP channels can be seized, it means:

  • while busyness of subscriber there is no possibility to establish second call with this subscriber;
  • subscriber is not authorized to establish second outgoing call;
  • while established call there is possibility to hold interlocutor without transferring him/her.

Using Slican TelefonCTI application

VoIP phone signaling forces some rules of behaviour:

  • Lifting handset (empty SETUP frame) can be simulated by dialing ** , it enables to dial number by TelefonCTI application.
  • How to establish call using application (TelefonCTI):
  1. user dials required number (or selects it from phone book) in TelefonCTI application window
  2. confirms it (ENTER)
  3. in application window, request fo lifting handset will be displayed
  • VoIP client (Softphone, gateway, VoIP Phone)
  • User dial ** on VoIP phone

Notices for developers concerning protocol:

  • In history of dialed numbers for VoIP phone there is no proper number (** is stored).
  • There is no possibility to generate FLASH via CTIP protocol (locked).
  • There is no possibility to lift or hang off the handset (as analogue phone)
  • Status of lifted handset (STAT) is generated when:
  1. incoming call is answered,
  2. outgoing call is generated.
  • Status of hanged off handset (STAT) is generated when VoIP channel becomes free.