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Advantages of using CallBack function

Bellow you can find some exemplary advantages of using CallBack function:

  • Transit calls, so realizing official calls from phone located outside of PBX is limited to phones with number defined in PBX data base. There is no possibility to loose password or breaking system protections.
  • As user is no charged for calls, private GSM numbers can be defined as MobilePhone numbers, so there is no necessary to increase number of company's GSM phones.
  • Call is always established by PBX, so there is no presentation of caller. Person who answered call can only recognize that caller is somebody from inside company. Due to this functionality number of GSM phones (official and private) are always hiden.

CallBack function operating

CallBack is a PBX service which enables - using phone outside PBX - to order PBX establish a call to other user outside the PBX with charging extension number with entered in field MobilePhone number from which call is ordered. CalBack function aperates in following way:

  • From phone defined in PBX as MobilePhone to number assigned by admin to this function.
  • PBX refuses this call - it takes place after two ringings, unless caller hang up the phone.
  • After short time (as standard delay is set to 5 seconds) PBX rings back to MobilePhone number. Caller presentation is the same as number assigned by admin to CallBack service.
  • After answering call standard PBX dialing tone can be hear. During this signal target subscriber number can be dialed.
Warning! Benefits which can be obtained while using CallBack service are specially visible for calls with roaming fees. Due to Callback function, total cost of call is significantly decreased. If MobilePhone is abroad, call established using from this phone to another number in the country where PBX is located is much more cheaper that call without using this service. For instance for Poland call inside EU costs 1,79 PLN/min. Using CallBack service, the same call costs 0,85 PLN/min (with assumption, that outgoing calls from PBX to MobilePhone is costless).

CallBack function settings

All CallBack settings are defined inside PBX and only admin can change it. Admin decides about:

  • Extension numbers for which this service is available.
  • External numbers (fixed or GSM) to which PBX calls back after activation of CallBack service.
  • External numbers which should be dialed to activate CallBack service
  • Via which trunk PBX dial to realize CallBack service

Limitation in CallBack service operation

Warning! CallBack service requires license code. DEMO mode enables to launch service for one extension number

Warning! For proper CallBackfunction operate, it is required to use ISDN, embedded GSM or VoIP trunk.

While activation CallBack service using two analogue trunk service operation is limited (maximal call time is limited to 3 minutes). Depending on trunk quality, phone to which call back is routed and number dialed by caller quality of call can be poor or even call can't be established - this can't be base of complaint or claim.
So for proper operation of CallBack service it is recommended to realize CallBack service using at least one of following trunk:

  • ISDN,
  • GSM realized by card installed in PBX,
  • good quality VoIP trunk.