Characteristic and DPH.IP cassettes dimensions

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KS cassettes used in DPH doorphones are executed from special plastic and can be equipped with decorative elements made from stainless steel. They can be adapted to over- and under-plaster assembly. On presented below figures you can see dimensions of cassettes and other elements used for doorphone assembly:

DPH wymiary.png

With over-plaster assembly, it is possible to use aluminium protection casing, which protects doorphone against rain- and snowfall. Following figures presents dimensions of mentioned protection casing:

KS.C93N-INOX wymiary.png

Next figure presents dimensions of frame, which can be used for under-plaster assembly. There are twotypes of frame types, from stainless steel and black pleksy (depth 3mm):

KS.F-INOX wymiary 1.png

Possible is also using frame together with aluminium protection casing. Such solution enables to under-plaster assembly and protects doorphone against rain- and snowfall. Following figure presents dimensions of elemets used for this solution:

KS.C93P-INOX wymiary.png

To mount doorphone on a fence, use cassete presented below.

KS.C120N-INOX wymiary.png


Proximity card reader is produced from platic and its designed for on wall mounting.

DPH dimensions.png