DPH.IP camera plug

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Each DPH.IP doorphone can be equipped with additional CAM38.IP-KS camera module , which allows to preview the surroundings and people that are using the doorphone.
Camera module works with DPH.IP-KS.C and DPH.IP-UB2 doorphones.
Part is sold separately, to mount it:

  • unplug the device from power supply
  • unscrew the housing and screws of the speaker holder

install camera module in dedicated place, screw it to housing and connect to DPH.IP mainboard accordingly to picture below
DPH.IP camera module.png

  • screw the speaker holder and doorphone housing together

Camera should register the picture after connecting it to PBX.
To preview it, use Slican MessengerCTI application.

Doorphones camera configuration is done with SPH.IP Camera Config application.
After start, application will search all available in LAN camera built in DPH.IP doorphones. App window allows to configure IP interface of the device and to copy camera link, which should be assigned with doorphone in ConfigMAN or ConfigWEB application.
Application is in polish version until releasing english language version.