FW:4.07:Context driven melodies

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Source of melodies can be as follows:

  • PABX announcements
  • any audio device connected via MAB-1101

Melodies, recordings, announcements (recorded by user) can be used:

  • As Music on Hold (MOH); can be here holded or parked person.
  • For transfered incoming calls instead of ringing signal MOH can be played.

For every calling from outside number different melody can be played while:

  • Call is waiting in queue. (Suggested announcement text: You are inserted in queue, please wait for connection).
  • Ringing can be hear on target phone(s). (PSuggested announcement text: Please wait for connection).
  • Call is holded. During transfering/announcing call.

Additionally for Infoline it is possible to determine melodies while:

  • Call is waiting in queue.
  • Call is ringing on target phone(s).