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HAS 3000 stron tytułowa.jpg
Digital doorphone system
Installation and programming manual
Issue 1.05
software version 2.03
Slican Sp. z o.o.
e-mail: office@slican.pl
Manufacturer reserves right to make changes without prior notification.


Digital doorphone systems Slican HAS-3000 and HAS-3032 are modern, elegant and reliable solutions mainly for apartment buildings (multiflat – one cassette is used for one staircase), as well as for office biuldings.

For HAS-3032 system there is possible to connecting few cassettes. One cassette is used for one staircase. There is possible to connect few cassettes one to another, it assures communication between them (both control signal and audio). Such configuration enables to maintain large building with many entries from one location (reception). It is also possible to create configuration which enables to establish call from any cassette to any apartment - no matter in which staircase.

Housing of doorphone cassette is performed using high quality materials, durable and resistible for wether circumstances. Due to safety requirements housing is mounted under-plaster.

System is available in cassette KD12P - from thick sheet of stainless, lacquered with atomized powder steel with backlighted list of tenants.

HAS-3032 Cassette.png
Figure 1.1.: Elements of cassette KD12P

System cassette enables to utilize user and service functions. In cassette, legible and contrast LED display is included, as well as modern and durable touch capacitive keypad. This keypad assure precise and audio confirmed selection of every key. Backlighted keys enable to comfortable using kepad even in total darkness. Due to no metal contacts in kepad, long proper device working is guarated. Backlighted window for apartments list enable to show all needed information.

System connects with uniphones installed in apartments using 2-wires databus, it enable to adapt existing cable infrastructure. Additionally it enables to decrease costs of such wiring. In HAS-3032 system, for communication with uniphones 2-wires bus is used, it enables to simple adaptation existing cable infrastructure. Additionally it decrease costs of such installation. Communication between cassettes is established using 4-wires installation.

Due to using modern technologies doorphone system Slican HAS-3000/3032 offers wide range of functions – below you can find most imortang system features:

  • system capacity:
    • up to 255 apartments/uniphones for HAS-3000 system and HAS-3032 system in SG mode,
    • up to 128 apartments/uniphones per cassette, up to 500 apartments/uniphones in whole network, up to 32 cassettes for HAS-3032 system in YR mode,
  • dialing from cassette to apartment/uniphone,


Conditions of proper installation

  • Power supply from source of AC current 230V, 50Hz, external transformer.
  • Doorphone cassette should be mounted in appropriate place.
  • It is recommended to protect doorphone cassette against direct acting of sunshine and rain.
  • Cassette power supply device locate in place protected against humidity.
  • Due to safe reasons doorphone infrastructure mustn't be accessible by unathorized persons.
  • Uniphones are designed for work in vertical position.
  • Uniphones should be protected against humidity, steam and high termperature.

Dimensions of niche for KD12P cassette

Mentioned below dimensions are in mm:

  1. Part to build in: hight 176,2; width 212,2; depth 34.
  2. External dimensions on plaster (frame): hight 201; width 237.

Disassembly of cassette front panel

Unscrew two bolts from cassette front panel and next:

  1. Lift front panel about 30° from vertical and draw it up from the hinges (see pos. 1) - in this situation it is possible to remove front panel.
  2. 1.Lift front panel by 90° (see pos. 2) - in this situation front panel is locked – such position is helpful while connecting terminals or tuning.

HAS-3032 Assembly.png

Network installation

Network installation for single cassette (SG mode)

Doorphone databus - providing signal to apartments (unophones) - consist of two wires. Polarity of these wires is crucial for proper system operation.

Because all uniphones are supplied by common wires, they should be good quality and fulfil following conditions:

  • resistance of databus loop should be less than 10Ω, which is adequate to 100m wires with 0,5mm2 diameter,
  • to increase databus range, it is enough to:
    • connect in pararel wires in multi-wire cable or
    • use wires with greater diameter to perform databus.
HAS-3032 Uniphone bus.png
Figure 2.1.: Doorphone system HAS-3032 databus

Installation for multi-cassette configuration (YR mode)

YR bus (for communication between cassettes) contains of four wires. First wire provides an audio signal, second and third are used for control and fourth is used as common. Connecting every cassete to uniphones and electrolock, the same as for SG mode (see figure below).

IioHAS 3032 YR.jpg
Ilustracja: YR bus for multi-cassette doorphone system HAS-3032

Description of terminals in Slican HAS-3032 cassette

Databus common
YR databus
Audio signal
YR databus
Positive end of YR databus
YR databus
Negative end of YR databus
YR databus
Positive end of uniphone databus
Uniphone databus
Negative end of uniphone databus
Uniphone databus
Opening door button (connected to the ground)
Open door sensor (connected to the ground)
Ground, for connecting POD, COD and STA
Auxilary output – gateway automatic control
Relay output
connected to the ground
max. load 1A/24VDC
DC output, circa 12-16V, to the GND
max. load 250mA
AC terminals connected via
relay 1A
AC terminals connected via
relay 1A
AC power supply or DC power supply, + and – terminals should be separated from GND
12V~ ±3V
AC power supply or DC power supply, + and – terminals should be separated from GND
12V~ ±3V
Entering programming mode without password


Slican HAS-30XX systems can operate with digital uniphones of other manufacturers (Proel and Urmet uniphones were tested: they works properly but doesn't support full functionality of system Slican HAS-30XX) with address decoders.

In our offer there is specialized digital uniphone Slican US.P2W-HAS255 in gray colour, with two buttons, signaling LED diode and i ringer volume adjustment.

Details are included in Instruction manual for Slican US.P2W-HAS255.

Attention: Polarity of wires L-/L+ should be observed while connecting electronic board of uniphone. While incorrect connection of databus wires: LU- i LU+ to uniphone electronic board terminals, uniphone works incorrect.

Using Slican HAS-3032 system

Calling apartment (uniphone) from doorphone cassette (in SG or YR mode)

Most frequently used doorphone function is call from doorphone cassette to apartment (uniphone). Below you can find method of do it:

  • On doorphone keypad dial apartment number to establish call, next wait for lifting on the uniphone handset (it is signal by caption CALL on doorphone display).
    ATTENTION! Pauses between digits while apartment number dialing, cann't be longer than 3 seconds. Otherwise system assumes that, apartment number dialing was finished.
  • If somebody open the door on display caption OPEn can be seen.
  • Uniphone dialing time it is about 15 seconds (3 signals). After finishing audio signaling door can be open from apartment during about 30 seconds. Calls from cassette to uniphone and between cassettes are limited to 60 seconds. For long calls finishing time is signal by series of 10 beeps with decreasing volume level.
  • In any time it is possible to cancel dialing or uniphone signaling by pressing C key.
  • Door can be open using one of two methods:
  1. During dialing, without lifting handset, or during 30 secons time after finishing call, by presing opening button.
  2. After lifting handset and conversation with doorpne cassette by pressing opening button.

ATTENTION For multi-cassette system (YR mode) following numbering plan is possible: block number, apartment numberor block number, staircase number and apartment number.

Calling lodge from doorphone cassette mounted near entry (YR mode)

To connect with lodge following operation should be done:

  • dial number 0 from doorphone keyboard,
  • wait for answering call.

Calling wrong hang-off uniphone

After detecting wrong hang-off uniphone handset, ringing procedure is symilar as if uniphone handset is hang-of correctly with following differences:

  1. ringing signal is changed,
  2. lifting handset of such ringing unipone is possible during ringing pauses and during following 30 seconds waiting time,
  3. answering call to uniphone is possible by shortly press the uniphone hook.

Opening gateway from uniphone

It is possible to open gateway using uniphone – this function is supported only by two-buttons digital Slican uniphones and can be realized using second opening button.

1.1 Opening door using PIN code from system cassette

Procedure of opening door is following:

  1. Dial apartment number – on LED display dialed digits are visible.
  2. Accept:
    * pressing button IioHAS 3000 Kluczyk.JPG - for opening door,
    * pressing 2-times button IioHAS 3000 Kluczyk.JPG - for opening gateway.
  3. Dial PIN code – on LED display symbols instead of digits are visible, it make impossible to read PIN code.
  4. On display caption OPEn appears, as a signal of opening electrolock.

Opening gateway using PIN from cassette near gateway

  1. Depending on numbering plan:
    a) Dial number together with block an staircase prefix (BSAA) – on LED display, dialed digits are visible,
    b) Dial block prefix, next after 3 seconds on display „L---” is visible. Dial apartment number – on LED display, dialed digits are visible.
    c) Przy braku prefiksu numer lokalu wybieramy tak samo jak na kasecie zamontowanej na bloku.
  2. Accept:
    * pressing button IioHAS 3000 Kluczyk.JPG - for opening door,
    * pressing 2-times button IioHAS 3000 Kluczyk.JPG - for opening gateway.
  3. Dial PIN code – on LED display symbols instead of digits are visible, it make impossible to read PIN code.
  4. On display caption OPEn appears, as a signal of opening electrolock.

Safety requirements while using digital doorphone system HAS-3032

Security rules and proper using must be obligatory observed for assuring device proper operation.

Below basic rules concerning doorphones are presented. Without fulfiling these rules any claim or notice presented by users cann't be accepted by manufacturer. Rules presented here concerns installation, premises and requirements concerning power supply network.

Installation of HAS-3032

  • All installation activities should be performed according OSH.

Scheme for creating description label

Working environment of HAS-3032

  • Device should not be installed inside buildings or spaces with high humidity due to durability and operation of electrical elements.
  • Due to risk of flood of water, devie should not be located near water reserviors (pools, taps, etc.).
  • Doorphone should not be installed in premises with high dustiness or electromagnetic field intensity.

It is strictly forbidden to instal doorphone in following permises:

  • in premises with direct influence of solar light,
  • in premises where wibration are very often or strong,
  • near radio aerials (especially for short waves).

Electrical requirements:

  • Device should have proper earthing. Wire diameter should be at least 0,75 mm².
  • Device should complain safety devices installed in building infrastructure. "S" fuses with B characteristic and at least 6A should be used.
  • All devices connected to doorphone should have certificates of conformity with EU regulations.


We thank You very much for purchasing Slican product. Our company will do all the best to fulfil Your expectations concerning purchased product, so please inform us about Your ideas concerning improve product.

If this manual doesn't fulfil Your expectations, please send us information what chapters should be added or extended.

We wish You a nice and problemless doorphone using.

Proper equipement disposal