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MAB-1101, full name Multi Audio Box is device which assures cooperation between PBX and external audio sources, sound amplification installation or call recording system with CTI application. For MIC function, internal electrostatic microphone with large sensitivity is included inside device. If it is needed, its sensitivity can be increased by setting jumper in Boost position. Device doesn't required external power supply, current existing in telephone line is quite enough. MAB-1101 cooperates with PBXes which use internal analogue ports:

Device can operate in four following modes:

  • MIC
  • IN
  • OUT
  • REC

Device configuration to works in specified mode can be done by setting appropriate combination of jumpers located inside the device. Device can works only in one mentioned above modes at once. Below you can find descriptions of every mode and examples of application.

This mode enables to listening voices in premise. Microphone is embedded inside the MAB so it is enough to connect MAB with telephone line. From every extension number (if it isn't prohibited with configuration) can dial this number and listen what is going on in premise. Such device can be installed ex. in church - to inform priests when they should go to the service or in plant where chemical substances are used to inform worker if machine finished production process and entry into premise is possible. Typical application - electronic nanny.
This mode enables to set any audio source (ex. MP3 Player, radio) equipped in headphone jack as a source of MoH or information played to customer.
This mode enables to connecting PBX with existing sound amplification system. Using MAB in OUT mode you can connect these two systems together by connecting Audio In/Out with volume amplifier input. It is specified for this solution, that after dialing extension number assigned to MAB there is no ringing signal and you are connected immediately and after message speaking and disconnection there is no any signal. Sound amplification system can return to its normal function, ex. playing music. Only one subscriber (extension number) can be connected in the same time with sound amplifcation system (connected to the PBX via MAB-1101). This solution can be used for example in schools or hospitals.
TelefonCTI.Plus application enables call recording. To realize it, acoustic signal should be separated from telephone line and routed to input of audio card installed in computer, where the calls should be stored. MAB device is transparent for telephone line and separates galvanic PC audio card input and telephone line.