MSB-1102 Instruction manual

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Slican MSB-1102
Multi Switch Box
Instruction manual v.1.00


Slican Multi Switch Box MSB-1102 it is device assuring cooperation between Slican PABX[1] and sensors, relays, alarm systems, paging systems etc.

Subscriber port in PABX should be configured as Sensor or Relay – depending on required function.

Power supply parameters.

MSB-1102 Structure

MSB-1102 is equipped with following input/output ports:

  • sockets AB1/AB2 type RJ11 for connecting 2 subscriber ports in PABX,
  • socket 2REL[2] (REL1/REL2) type RJ45 which includes:
    • sensor terminals (SNS1/SNS2) – configurable,
    • monostable relay terminals[3] – configurable,
  • socket ZAS – local power supply from external source.

Connecting and preparing for configuration

Configuration Jumpers

MSB jumpers small.png
X1-X3 - Sensor 1 operating mode (SNS1) X4-X6 - Sensor 2 operating mode (SNS2)
X10-X12 – Relay 1 operating mode (REL1) X7-X9 - Relay 2 operating mode (REL2)

Operating modes

Power supply Sensors (SNS) Relays (REL)
Without power supply MSB DCI mode.png
MSB REL NO NC small.png
With power supply MSB CCS mode.png MSB VON VOFF small.png

According above table MSB-1102 must be supplied from local power supply device in following operating modes:

  • Sensors: CCS mode
  • Relays: VON/VOFF mode


  • current downloaded from power supply unit in CCS mode - max. 20mA.
  • current downloaded in DCI mode - max.10mA per sensor.
  • relay terminal parameters (for NO/NC and VON/VOFF modes) - max 42VAC/0.5A, 42VDC/1A
  • Sensor activate voltage range - DCI and CCS modes - 5-30V[4]DC.

Warning! It is not allowed to direct controlling with 230VAC voltage. For this purpose, appropriate external relays, connected to 2REL socket should be used.

Certificate of conformity, proper equipement disposal


  1. MSB-1102 can be used with firmware version 4.10 or later. It can be used with Slican PABXes: CXS-0424, CCT-1668, MAC-Zero, MAC-6400.
  2. Device uses 2 independent channels. It means that simultaneously two functions can operate. Ex: 2 sensors, 2 relays or mix.
  3. Release pulse time is about 1 second.
  4. Attention: Polarity is important