Opinion concerning Slican DECT-IP system

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Offered by Slican DECT-IP system was developed with cooperation with NEC-Philips company localized in Hilversum (Nederland). In offered by Slican system, manufactured by NEC-Philips DECT bases and DECT handsets were used. Economical reasons and high quality of these products decided about such decision. Some elements of network infrastructure (DHCP, TFTP), which are required for proper system functioning are provided by Slican telecommunication servers. Slican DECT-IP system operates in customer LAN network and some preparation should be provided by customer network staff. Offered by Slican DECT bases are integrated with Slican products on the network level and operate only with some manufacturers (NEC-Philips, Slican).

Slican company included in its servers some software which enables to use NEC-Philips products as elements of developed by Slican DECT-IP system.