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Service characteristic

MobilePhone - it is a family of services concerned with integration of fixed phone with GSM or DECT phone. However method of using these services is quite different, depending of type of phone defined as mobile phone (GSM or DECT).

Functionality description

Warning! MobilePhone service requires license code. DEMO mode enables to launch this service on one extension number.

MobilePhone is logically connected to subscriber "master phone".

It can be both - extension or external number.

  • external number ex. cellular phone - PBX establish calls via external trunk ports
  • extension number ex. cordless phone (DECT) - PBX establish calls via internal ports

Depending on configuration, calls can be routed:

  • in the same time to master phone and mobile phone
  • only to mobile phone

Depending on call direction, MobilePhone functionality is following:

  • incoming call answered on MobilePhone - it is enable to talk and transferring call to any another PBX subscriber
  • call from MobilePhone to PBX - privileges are the same like for "master phone"
  • in both directions - after establishing call to MobilePhone, "master phone" is busy

Configuration, privileges, limitations

  • MobilePhone number is assigned to subscriber (extension number) and can be changed only by PBX admin.
  • Time co call forwarding to MobilePhone can be changed only by PBX admin.
  • During switching on call forwarding to MobilePhone there is no check if privileges for rest of call forwarding are locked.
  • if call forwarding to MobilePhone is realized after some time, "master phone" still ringing.
  • After rejecting call from any phone ("master phone"/MobilePhone) second one also stop ringing.
  • After answering call on MobilePhone, until finishing this call, "master phone" is busy.
  • During transferring call from MobilePhone to any PBX extension number, "master phone" is busy.

MobilePhone switching on

Switching on and off MobilePhone service can be done from "master phone" or calling from MobilePhone to DISA if it is defined in PBX.

#77 0 - switching off call forwarding to MobilePhone
#77 1 - switching on call forwarding to MobilePhone when no answer or while DND
#77 2 - switching on call forwarding to MobilePhone only when no answer
#77 3 - switching on call forwarding to MobilePhone only while DND (DND message is not played)

To call forwarding to MobilePhone there is higher priority assigned, than rest of recordings and lower priority than I'm there service. It means, that after switching on MobilePhone service, if any other call forwarding is active, it is deactivated. MobilePhone service switching off, activates defined call forwarding once more.
Otherwise, switching on I'm there service (#57), deactivates MobilePhone service.

Trasfer call from MobilePhone back to the PBX

This service is realized if MobilePhone is external number (ex. cellular phone) and incoming call to "master phone" was routed to MobilePhone. After answering this call, if you want to transfer this call to another PBX subscriber, following activities should be done:

  • Inform caller to doesn't hang off the phone.
  • Finish this call. During 15 seconds in caller handset there is a silence and than single beeps can be hear.
  • From MobilePhone dial PBX subscriber number, from this time caller hears message "Please wait for connection". To enable this service, must exists direct external number to subscriber whom you want to transfer call (In DDI or MSN numbering plan) or it is possible to dial any number and during DISA announcement it is possible to dial extension number.
    • Transfer with announcement: after answering call and announcement disconnect yourself - waiting caller stay connected.
    • Transfer without announcement: after hearing ringing tone disconnect yourself - waiting caller is transfered and hears ringing tone of extension number dialed from MobilePhone.

Transfer to busy phone

If during transferring call to another extension number, there is busy signal hears, transferring call is realized according different rules, than described above.
Calling from standard phone via incoming trunks connected to PBX, after hearing busy signal you don't know what is a reason of busyness. Reason of busyness can be following:

  • subscriber to whom call should be transferred is busy
  • subscriber is free but all incoming trunk are busy
  • subscriber to whom call should be transferred activated DND service

Due to mentioned above notices some changes were introduced in incoming calls maintenance for MobilePhone service. Depending on situation, when you transfer call system behavior can be as follows:

1. If you transfer call from MobilePhone to any PBX extension number dialing via DISA announcement and you hear busy signal, it means all external lines in PBX are busy. If there is possibility to dial another number to connect with PBX, you can try once more. For PBX it is not important what number was dialed to transfer call. Only thing important is CLIP receiving for incoming trunks assigned to these numbers - it is necessarily to enable PBX to detect MobilePhone number. Maximal time to transfer call is limited to 45 seconds. If during this time there will be no call from MobilePhone, waiting connected call will be disconnected and caller will hear busy signal.

2. If you transfer call from MobilePhone to any PBX extension number dialing external number routed directly to this extension number (extaernal trunks connected to PBX are ISDN type) and you hear busy signal, it means all external lines in PBX are busy or dialed subscriber activated DND service. Then transfer should be done to another extension number. Otherwise waited caller will be disconnected after 45 seconds.

3. If you transfer call from MobilePhone dialing via DISA announcement and during this announcement dialing extension number After dialing extension number busy signal can be hear you can:

1) Disconnect yourself. Your interlocutor will be set in a queue to busy subscriber:
a) If busy subscriber uses system phone CTS-202 or CTS-102 he/she can see information about waiting call, including number of waiting person on phone display. Additionally knocking signal can be/she can hear in phone handset.
b) If busy subscriber uses analogue phone be/she can hear knocking signal in phone handset.
2) Press Gwiazdka.png on your phone, after it PBX dialing signal can be hear again, to transfer call to another extension number, dial this number.
3) Press Gwiazdka.png on your phone twice. After first press, PBX dialing signal can be hear as described above, after second press connection with waiting caller will be established. You can inform this person about no possibility of transfer call and finish call, or start transferring procedure again.

4. If you transfer call from MobilePhone to any PBX extension number dialing external number routed directly to this extension number (extaernal trunks connected to PBX are ISDN type), even if this extension number is busy, signal inside first 10 seconds (two signals) is similar as ringing signal. If you disconnect during this time, means transferring call without checking is extension number free or busy - in this situation call is automatically set into queue. If extension number you want to transfer to is busy and you not disconnect yourself during first 10 seconds, you hear busy signal. You can start transferring procedure from the beginning dialing another subscriber or the same extension number once more but you must disconnect yourself inside first 10 seconds to automatically set call into queue. You can also don't do anything - after 45 seconds PBX automatically tries to connect waiting call to the same extension number and automatically set this call into waiting queue.

Attention: Waiting call will be disconnected if waiting time for answering by dialed extension number will be exceeded. If call is transferred by MobilePhone, return to the call doesn't work if target subscriber doesn't aswer.

Call signaling

Calls routed to mobile phone as a result of MobilePhone service operating are not different than others calls in PBX. Caller presentation cannot be transferred to mobile phone. PBX admin can configure it to present incoming calls routed to mobile phone with another number, but usually it is concerned with higher call fees.
Additional functionality, if GSM card is installed in PBX, is reporting to MobilePhone user about:

  • Unanswered call routed to mobile phone. User receive SMS with following text:
Unanswered +40251234567
  • Incoming call routed to busy mobile phone. User receive SMS with following text:
Busy +40251234567
  • Incoming call routed to mobile phone was rejected. User receive SMS the same as for mobile phone busyness:
Busy +40251234567

Using MobilePhone as backup phone

If any other PBX extension number is assigned (ex. DECT phone) as MobilePhone, you obtain powerful system of backup phone, which enable following functions:

  • Logical binding CTS-202 or CTS-102 system phone whit analogue phone. Due to different method of connecting these type of phones to PBX, phisical connection is impossible.
  • It is possible to present both phones with the same number (internally or externally).
  • when call id established with one of these phones, second is busy.
  • Using MobilePhone service "override" call forwarding from master phone, without deactivating them. Deactivating MobilePhone service restores them again.

Subscriber wants to use wireless phone during working hours and after this time calls should be routed to mobile phone. if wireless phone is entered as MobilePhone and call forwarding to mobile phone is switched on, when MobilePhone service is active, call forwarding doesn't work and MobilePhone service deactivation automatically activates call forwarding. There is no need to change settings or entering number and activate service.

Other services using MobilePhone data

Another function using number entered as MobilePhone is Callback service. Description of this service can be read Here