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Menu Report is used to run and create templates or printing reports whoch enable to analyse costs of call according different criteria.
Report templates can be predefined and they can be use many times for calculating and analysing costs and their sources.

New report

To open window New report you should:
  • Click icon NewRecord.PNG
  • Menu:Report→New report
  • Press shortcut: Ctrl+N

Window New report enables:

  1. Selection of data range concerned with generated report. By default it is previous month.
  2. Geting information available in database.
  3. Selection of call type (outgoing/incoming).
  4. Report view:
    1. Type - defines method of data presentation:
      1. Connection it is detailed charging,
      2. Sum - sum for specified port,
      3. Minibilling - sum for specified zone,
      4. Total - calls and SMSes.
    2. Grouping by - defines method of grouping data.
    3. Order by - defines method of data assortment.
  5. Connection status - defines in report includes established, missed or all calls.
  6. Subscribers - defines if report should include all or only selected subscribers.
  7. Dialed numbers - defines if report should include all calls, selected calls or only calls from specified zone.
  8. External lines - this field enables to filter concerned with specified external lines.
  9. Other - enables to filter data according different criteria.
Report options.png

After pressing button Show report report is generated according set criteria.

Warning! For huge databases - report generating time can be significant.

Save as...

  • Set criteria can be stored as template.
  • Templates enable to quick and effective periodical reports generating.

Open template

To obtain widow Open template on the screen you should:
  • Click icon Open template.PNG
  • Menu:Report→Open template
  • Press shortcut: Ctrl+O

After opening template reports can be generated immediatly.

Template list.PNG