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Slican BillingMAN

BillingMAN Splash screen.PNG

Slican BillingMAN Instruction manual.

Warning! Because this instruction manual concerns BillingMAN version 2.16, which is now only in Polish, screenshots in instruction manual are in Polish or from English version 2.15. Also link to downloading BillingMAN redirect reader to Polish version of BillingMAN.


BillingMAN is application for maintaining following tasks:

  • calculationg costs of calls and SMSes generated by PBX subscribers,
  • analisys of mentioned above costs,
  • subscriber working time analisys:
    • Telemarketers
    • Servicemen
    • Trade Department members etc.
  • customer maintenance level analisys (time of waiting for consultation, consultation time etc.).

Application is suitable for following Slican servers[1]:

BillingMAN features

  • Calculating call charges according:
    • amounts calculated by provider,
    • price lists from BillingMAN application (recounting) or
    • pulses received from PBX.
  • Precise dividing costs between subscriber or subscriber groups (departments).
  • Possibility of incoming calls analisys.
  • Possibility of cover up whole number or its part.
  • Possibility of calculating additional call costs.
  • Possibility of export data to Excel (*.csv) or AdobeReader (*.pdf).
  • Possibility of call analisys according areas defined by user.
  • Working on current or archive data.
  • Possibility of creating reports.
  • Downloading comments from PBX database.

Maintained charging types

Application can maintain following charging types:

  • Received from provider:
    • Pulse(Teletax, AoC)
  • Received from Slican PBX:
    • Pulse
    • Ammount(second or pulse)
  • Recounted according records downloaded from PBX.

System can also:

  • calculate cost of calls including additional call cost
  • calculate cost of calls including initial cost.

In BillingMAN system it is possible to calculate call costs if during calculation period provider price list was changed.

Downloading and installation of application

Application is available on Slican web page

Minimal requirements

Operating System – Windows95, Procesor Pentium – 300 MHz, Memory RAM – 64MB, Screen resolution 800x600 Attention: While working over files with many charging data, working time depends on PC performance.

Application instalation

Installation process requires only application options confirmation. After installation, in menu START –> All Programs, a folder Slican with shortcut to BillingMAN will be created. Application together with all necessarily files will be locate in following folder:

  • Windows 98, Windows XP Windows Vista: C:\Program Files\Slican\BillingMAN
  • Windows 7 C:\Program Files (x86)\Slican\BillingMAN

Charging database - by default located in folder pabx data\default[2]

First application launching

Charging method setting

To set charging method option Tables→Cost options should be selected from menu.

Recounting - Calculating fees according data defined in BillingMAN

Cost calculation is performed upon the charging records downloaded from PBX and tariff tables in BillingMAN application. After downloading charging data from PBX, application has to calculate costs so: performs recounting. In PBXes with huge number of calls this operation can coninues for a long time.

Calculating fees according pulses from provider

Currently it is rare used charging method, because providers don't use now pulse charging.

Calculating fees by PBX - default and recommended option

PBX sends recounted charging records to BillingMAN application.[3]. Selection of this charging method is recommended. Just after downloading date reports can be generated or analisys performed. THere is no need to recount.

Cost options.PNG

Application access levels

PBX configuration updating options

Data archiving

Raports - Generating settlements

Analisys - option available in


  1. BillingMAN application starting from version 2.16 doesn't operate with PBXes CCA-2720 and NCT-1248
  2. Location depends on used operating system.
  3. Condition of proper option operating is proper tarif/csetting in PBX.