BillingMAN Instruction Manual Start

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After first launching, application asks about:

1. Type of PBX to cooperate.
WindowChoose PABX appears only after first application launching or
after first launching with new location (new PBX).
PBX choose.png
2. Access authorization data
Okno: Logging... (Login and Password)
3. Application is launched with full access to menu ToolBar.png

Next, to download charging data you should:

Select menu PBX Menu Pełne Konfiguracja Połączenia i login.png
Select medium in menu: Connection method (Ctrl+K)

Available are following media:

  • USB (default)
  • LAN[1]
  • RS Serial[2]
  • Modem
  • Internet (via Keeper - service payable)
Connection configuration.png
Set the charging method Tables→Cost options
Press button Get (F8) Get button.PNG
Select range of downloaded data (this window is displayed only during
first data downloading)
Downloading range.png


  1. Directly to IP address, port TCP:5525.
  2. Only in PBX: CCT-1668.