CTS-220 phone settings

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Phone settings

To acces phone settings, pick Settings option in Menu. Changes of seetings can also be made via ConfigMAN or ConfigWEB application. Switching the phone will not change settings.

Ringtone type There are 10 types of ringtone to select.
Ringtone volume There are 12 levels of incoming call ringtone, which includes mute.
Brightness Setting display brightness level to ensure best visibility of LCD.
Language Changes displayed language between english, polish or dutch.
Auto answer All incoming calls will be answered on headphones or speakerphone autoatically. After 5 seconds of caller hang up, the call will be disconnected.
Auto dial Holding the BLF for one second will dial it's content (subscriber or number) automatically.


S-ph power. - power of speakerphone. Handset power - power of handset. Headphones - power of headphones. Micro.headphones - power of headphones microphone.
Own number Preview of number, assigned for phone from PBX.
Headphones Turn on/off connected headphones. If headphones are on, pressing SPK ON buttons, will direct acoustic to headphones instead of spreakerphone.
Telephone name Name will be displayed on screen during standby mode.
Factory settings Deletes all setting made by user. Numbers in private phonebook and BLF actions also will be deleted.
Program version Shows phone firmware version.

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