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CTS-220 manual

System phones

Slican CTS-220.CL

Slican CTS-220.IP

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User manual release 1.0
SLICAN Sp. z o.o.
e-mail: office@slican.pl

„The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes to the product without prior notice.”

Date of last modification: 17.09.2020
Warning! System phone CTS-220 works with NCP-PBX, IPL-256, IPM-032, IPU-14, IPS-08 and MAC-6400. For proper work in IPx, MAC-6400 and CCT-1668, 6.50 PBX firmware or higher is needed. NCP-PBX requires 1.06 firmware version or higher. Additional power supply is needed when connecting additional expanding consoles.

WiFi is supported since firmware 1.12 NCP and 6.54 IPx, MAC, CCT.

Bluetooth module since phone is available to buy. Due to interference of WiFi and Bluetooth modules, modules can't be used at same time.

Slican CTS-220.CL/IP is a business system phone for companies requiring advanced phone systems and efective call and contacts managing. It's equipped with high quality LCD display, that ensures perfect readability in different lightning conditions. Phone's profile is generated and stored within PBX memmory - thanks to which, using it is possible immediately after connecting, without complicated and time-consuming programming.

Great audio quality and simplicity of operation makes this phone ideal for everyday work. Programmable keys allows unlimited, individual creation of functions, services or handy list of contacts.

The phone looks great on your desk. Light and ergonomic handset and optimal lenght od headset cord makes it a unrepleaceable partner in every day work. CTS-220 allows cooperation with headset (wired or wireless) or loudspeaker.

Technical parameters

Build and equipment

Phone settings

Calling, history and BLF


Using system services

CTS power supply

Safety Requirements and Certificate of Conformity for CTS devices

Connecting Bluetooth headset to CTS-220

Work within WiFi wireless network

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