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Every service, that PBX has, can be activated, using phone keyboard.

Description of all and methods to activate them, are listed in Slican PBX manuals.

To improve accesibility of services, they can be assigned to quick access keys.

Call transfer

1. Ongoing call, can be transfered to any internal subscriber or city number (if given such priviliedges by admin).
2. To do so, press FLASH button.
3. Pick number, to which the call has to be transfered.
4. If you are announcing the call, wait for final subscriber to pick his phone. If you are not announcing the call, hang up after step 3.
WARNING! To return to subscriber awaiting for transfer complete, press twice FLASH button.
5. After hang up, PBX will assemble the call between subscribers.

Warning: Pay attention is the call you are trying to tranfser is a incoming or outgoing call. Incoming call can always be transfered, but to transfer outgoing call, subscriber needs additional priviledges set by system admin.

Do Not Disturb – DND service

Do Not Disturb servic blocks the phone for incoming calls. Caller will receive voice message: "Number is currently unavailable, please try again later" or own recorded message. On the screen "do not disturb" text will appear.

Activating DND has different effect depending on chosen number route:

  • when caller dials group number and subscriber inside this group has DND activated, he will be treated as busy,
  • when caller dials subscriber number, who has DND actived, he will get voice message "Number is currently unavailable, please try again later".

WARNING! When DND is active, forwardings to this subscriber do not work.

1. Go to Menu >> Services >> Don't disturb >> On / Off. Confirm your choise, by pressing Next.
2. Leave Menu, for example pressing CTS-330 SKP OFF.png or 'ESC.
3. Activity of service is signaled on screen with "do not disturb" text.

WARNING! If a subscriber has DND active, caller with system phone will receive text on display "please don't disturb".

Holding calls

1. During a call, press Hold' contextual key.
2. After hearing "service accepted" PBX will give dial tone. After hanging up, the call will be hold for 3 minutes, and caller will hear melody on hold.
3. To return to hold call, press Unhold contextual key.
4. Wait for call, which is signaled as Returning....

Phone lock

Phone lock is giving lowest priviledges for phone. User can make only internal and alarm calls (according to A access class in PBX). On locked phone, there can be temporary and permanent account activated. During service, user has no access to phone menu, quick access keys, phonebooks or contact list. Service is active until deactivating using phone or by admin. If phone is locker by PBX admin, user cannot turn it off from phone keyboard.

1. Go to Menu >> Services >> Phone lock.
2. Turn the service on or off. Type in 4-digit PIN, eg. 6565 (first PIN is set by admin, user should change it using service *55).
3. Confirm. Exit Menu.
4. Activity is displayed on screen with text PHONE LOCK.
5. To unlock phone, press 'Unlock, then press PIN.

Fixed account

This service evokes virtual phone or subscriber priviledges on our phone. Evoking account on one phone, revokes it on other ones. Account can be evoked onto locked phone.

1. Press Menu >> Services >> Fixed Account. Activate or deactivate.
2. Type account number.WARNING! If you don't know this number, pressing Cts-220 przycisk dol.png we get access to number list, where we can choose account number, using up/down arrows or typing part of it's name.
3. Confirm.
4. Type 4-digit PIN (key is given by system admin individualy user can change it using service *55). Confirm.
5. Exit Menu. Activity is displayed on screen with text account.

Urgent call

This service is based on calling to a subscriber with automatically entering intercom mode on receiver CTS or special ringtone on analogue phone.

1. Enter Menu >> Services >> Urgent call.
2. Exit Menu. Activity is displayed on screen with text URGENT CALL.
3. Service is available only via direct subscriber dialing.


This service redirect's a call to another subscriber or account. Forwarding is active till it's deactivation.

1. Enter Menu >> Services >> Call forward.
2. Activate/deactivate the forwarding.
3. Type the number, to which forwarding should be made, eg. 123. WARNING! Using arrows, you can choose the number list type, from which we will pick the number. After acknowledgement, use Up/Down arrows to choose the desired number.
4. Confirm the type of forwarding:

  • All calls
  • Incoming direct
  • Internal
  • Incomiing announced
  • From group

5. Confirm the choise and pick condition of forwarding:

  1. Unconditional
  2. While busy
  3. When no answer
  4. While DND

6. Confirm and exit Menu.
7. Activity is displayed on screen with text call forward.

WARNING! If forwarded number is dialed from group, only Unconditional and From group works.

Malicious Call Identification - MCID

Register call as malicious in PBX and call buffer.

1. To activate during a call Press Options, next choose Menu >> Services >> MCID.

2. To activate after the call Within 30 seconds after hang up, press MCID.
WARNING! Hang up must be made by caller, not subscriber that answered the call.

Three party conference

First method

1. During call with first caller, press FLASH to hold the call.
2. Dial the number of second subscriber, enter Options >> 3PTY
3. Confirm the service. Zatwierdź usługę. Three party conference.
4. During a call, initiator can swap between callers. Meantime, the second caller is on hold.

Second method

1. During call with first caller, press FLASH to hold the call.
2. Type the number of second subscriber and press FLASH*3.
3. Three party conference is active.

WARNING! Three party conference initiator may switch between callers. To do so, press Options, and next, using navigation keys pick a subscriber you wish to talk to.

WARNING! Call can be ended, by pressing FLASH*0 by the initiator.

WARNING! After initiator hangs up, the call is disconnected.

WARNING! Switching between callers is made, by pressing FLASH*1 or FLASH*2(inactvice caller hears melody) (where: 1 - conversation with first caller, 2 - with second one). Pressing FLASH*3 will make 3PTY come up again.

Call intercepting

You can intercept a incoming call from other PBX user, as log as he belongs to the same PickUp group.

1. To intercept a incoming call from PickUp group, enter Menu >>Services >> Call intercept.
2. Pick up the phone, to anser intercepted call. WARNING! Call can be intercepted without calling. Pick up he handset and type *37.

Temporarily CLIR

Sevice disables number presentation for one call.

1. Enter Menu >> Services >> Temporarily CLIR. Confirm.
2. Pick up the handset or press SPK ON.
3. Dial desired number.

WARNING Service needs to be activated also in telekom provider.

Private call

Service is changing priviledges for making calls (private priviledges for subscriber) and buffering call as private. Those calls are identified by billing application for distinction business and private calls.

1. Enter Menu >> Sevices >> Private call. Confirm your choise.
2. Pick the handset up or press SPK ON.
3. Dial desired number.

Urgent call

This service give us the possibility to change access class for subscriber for duration of one call. Urgent call can be activated only if subscribes has privileges to turn it on. Thanks to it, we can for example make a outgoing call, using different path.

1. Enter Menu >> Services >> Urgent call. Confirm.
2. Pick up the handset or press SPK ON.
3. Dial desired number.

Work modes

This service allows to manually change the work mode of PBX. Subscriber needs priviledges to use it. Work mode can be assigned to quick access key.

1. Enter Menu >> Services >> Working mode. Using navigation keys pick appropriate work mode (eg. Day mode - manually).
2. After finding interesting mode, press Next. PBX will request access code.
3. After inputing the Key PBX requires hour till which current mode will be active (if we do not define a hour, manual work mode will be deactivetd with closed automatic work mode change).


Service allows initiator to leave a voicemail on this subscriber.


For subscriber to use this service, system admin needs to assign voicemail to this subscriber, where voicemails will be stored and give internal number of voicemail (this number is responsible for handling and notifying voicemails).

Activation of this service is made by forwarding call to individual voicemail number:

1. Enter Menu >> Services >> Call forward >> Activate. Confirm choice by pressing Next.
2. Enter number of voicemail (by defalt 1000) and confirm.
3. Choose type of calls, which should be forwarded:

  • All calls
  • Incoming direct
  • Internal
  • Incomiing announced
  • From group

4. Confirm the choise and pick condition of forwarding:

  1. Unconditional
  2. While busy
  3. When no answer
  4. While DND

5. Confirm and exit Menu.
6. Activity is displayed on screen with letter V in the right corner off the screen.

To turn on/off earlier activated service (turn on/off earlier activated forwarding to voicemail):

1. Go to Menu >> Services >> Voicemail >> Off/On. Confirm by pressing Next. Exit Menu, for example by pressing SPK OFF.
2. Activity is displayed on screen with letter V in the right corner off the screen.
Additional info about using service (own announcement - service *79, notification about missed call, etc.0 can be found in PBX manual.


Service allows for call between menu users (up to 12) and making shared conference. Internal and external users can participate in conference. Subscriber that initiate a conference, can manage it (he becomes a Conference custodian).

1. Enter Menu >> Services >> Conference. From this moment, phone is set as busy, no call can income.
2. To add participants, press Options and choose Add member.After that you can piont desired number by:

  • typing internal or external number,
  • pressing Book and choosing from proper one or number list,
  • pressing quick access key with programmed number/subscriber.

After adding a member, screen goes back to state, where you can add another number.
3. Press Back if all desired number has been added. To scroll through added members, press Partic and use up/down arrow. You can delete a member by pressing Options and Erase.
4. To make a conference:

First method

While scrolling through number list, pick up the handset or press SPK ON. Phone of added members will upring, and after they pi cuk, a message is announed "Conference".

Second method

As above, but when in poit 3 press Options key and choose Call.
Picked for conference user phones will upring, and after they pick up, they hear melody on hold until call initiator will joint the conference.

5. During conference, a custodian can:
After pressing Options:

  1. Add member – adding new participant to active conference. New member can be added also by pressing FLASH or by pressing programmed with "Conference" quick access key.
  2. Call – can upring the conference, when phone is "hook on".
  3. Disconnect all – end the conference,
  4. Mute all – turns off all members microphone (only custodian can speak).
  5. Unmute all – turns on all members microphone.
  6. Quit – leaving the conference without deisconnecting it. Same effect is made by hanging up or pressing SPK OFF button. "Conference" text information will display on screen until it is active.

During that state, there is a possibility to return to the conference:

a) pressing Options, and then Conference. Pick up the phone or press SPK ON to return to the conference.
b) picking the handset up or pressing SPK ON and next pressing quick access key with "Conference" programmed in it.

Partic. key shares all member list, which can be scrolled with Up/Down key.

For selected member, there are Options:

  1. Erase – remove member from conference,
  2. Microphone off – turns off/on microphone of selected member,
  3. Now speaking – turn the mic on for selected member, same turning off all other members microphones,
  4. Private talk – direct call tiwh selected member. After finished consultation you can:

a) add member to conference back again - pressing quick acces key with "Conference" programmed in it or choose it from contextual menu.
b) remove member from conference - hanging up or pressing SPK OFF

Return to conference for custodian is made with method described in point 5.

Custodian - custodian function transfer - subscriber to which we wish to han over the custodian function, need to be equipped with CTS-102.CL or higher version of the phone.

Call override

Service allows a subscriber (equipped with CTS series phone) to "barge" into a call between two other callers and if necessary , disconnet the call. Overrider can leave the call, without disconnecting it. Service can be activated, only when subscriber has special priviledges, and none of talking users has protectin against call override. Service is activated also, when one of the talker is a external user.

To make call override, call desired internal number. When busy signal is heared, press Override. To disconnect the call press Disconn' contextual key, to leave the call, hang up the phone or press SPK OFF.

Auto Redial

Service will notify us about presence of subscriber, if we called him when he was busy or not present (does not answer) or all lines were busy. Service is available for internal and external calls.

Activity time is limited to:

  • 90 minutes for internal calls (both for busy or DND subscriber),
  • 60 minutes for external calls, when caller is not answering,
  • 30 minutes for busy PBX lines
  • 10 minutes for external calls, when caller is busy.

WARNING: Target caller than can be queued is:

  • PBX subscriber with analogue phone,
  • PBX subscriber with system phone,
  • external subscriber that can be reached via ISDN trunk,
  • external subscriber that can be reached via GSM trunk or
  • any busy trunk in PBX.

Activating the service:

1. After aprox. 5-10 seconds of now picking up a call from the receiver, on screen AutoRD will display, as a contextual key. Pressing it aill activate service. (not available for CTS-102.HT)
2. If call receiver is busy, AutoRD will be available instantly.
3. If service is accepted, time of function activation will appear on screen. Pressing Stop key will disable the service.
4. If we are queued to a subscriber, and he will become free, our phone will upring and the screen will show I'm here for not present subscriber and Queue if he was busy.
If we pick up, PBX will automatically make a call to this subcriber.


This option aloows to turn on/off MobilePhone service, but only if number is defined as MobilePhone for desired subscriber, and all needed parameters are met in ConfigMAN application.

1. Enter Menu >> Services >> Mobile Phone. Confirm.
2. Choose Activate lub Cancel.
3. Confirm choise.

More about MobilePhone

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