DPH 1- and 2-button doorphone v1 02

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DPH KS1 przod.pngDPH KS2 przod.pngDPH KS1RF przod.pngDPH KS2RF przod.png
Installation and maintenance instruction
Issue 1.02
Slican Sp. z o.o.
e-mail: office@slican.pl
Manufacturer reserves right to make changes without prior notification.
Date of last modification: 2011-11-22

Characteristic of Slican DPH doorphones

Doorphone installation

Characteristic and KS cassettes dimensions

DPH - Opening doorphone casing

DPH - Doorphone assembly

DPH - Over-plaster or under-plaster assembly

DPH - Assembly on fence

DPH - Doorprone buttons

Scheme for creating and printing description label

DPH - Doorphone connection

PBX configuration for doorphone operation

DPH - Doorphone programming

DPH - RFID cards registration

DPH - USB interface using

DPH - Doorphone using

Safety requirements while using DPH series doorphones

DPH certificate of conformity, proper device disposal

Previous versions of Instruction