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Terminal View

ITS-0206 back.png

Socket Name Socket Name
1 FXO - external line 41 5 FXS - extension number 25
2 FXO - external line 42 6 FXS - extension number 26
1 FXS - extension number 21 LAN Ethernet (auto MDI/MDX)
2 FXS - extension number 22 RESET reset button
3 FXS - extension number 23 12V power socket
4 FXS - extension number 24

Numbering, numbering scheme

LED Meaning

LED Status Description
POWER shines red active mode day
flashes 2s/0,1s no synchronization with time server - forced mode day
shines blue active mode night
VoIP- details in
www browser: pane:
IP port status
flashes at least one VoIP trunk/account is configured, but at least one is not logged to provider
does not shine normal status
LINES shines any POTS-FXO trunk is busy
does not shine all POTS-FXO trunks are free
PHONES shines handset of any FXS phone is picked up
does not shine handsets of all FXS phones are picked off