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Slican ITS

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  • Cooperation with Slican external devices:
  • Configuration and maintenance via LAN or Internet using browser installed on PC.
  • CLIP-FSK receiving for calls incoming via FXO (POTS) ports.
  • Number presentation for internal calls.
  • VoIP-SIP calls service.
  • Possibility of defining restrictions for outgoing calls for every subscriber.
  • Different ringing for internal and external calls.
  • 3 standard DISA announcement - it is possible to record own announcements instead of standard
  • Upringing groups
  • Call interception (PickUP)
  • Call forwarding
  • Call history

Network environment

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No Name IPO FXO IPS FXS Codecs Max simultaneous calls Notes
1 Slican ITS-0206 2 2 1 6 G.711
IPPBX: standard
2 Slican ITS-0286 6 2 8 6 G.711, G.729
IPPBX: extended VoIP

Port name shortcuts

  • IPO - VoIP line/trunk port - cooperates wits VoIP provider.
  • FXO - (Foreign eXchange Office) POTS analogue trunk port - to this port line from upper exchange is connected.
  • IPS - VoIP subscriber port - to this port SIP client is logged in - behaves as regular PBX subscriber.
  • FXS - (Foreign eXchange Station) ab analogue subscriber port - to this port analogue phone/fax/modem is connected.

ITS terminals

Numbering - port numbers

Phones/subscriber ports

  • 21..26 – numbers of internal phone ports (FXS)
  • 31..38 – numbers of IP subscribers/VoIP phones/VoIP clients (IPS)

This numbering scheme cannot be changed

Internal number upringing groups

  • 61..63 – group numbers (accessible only from inside PBX, they cannot be dialed during DISA)

This numbering scheme cannot be changed.

Lines/trunks/external ports

As default outgoing method, defined in panes Outgoing calls 1 or Outgoing calls 2 is selected automatically. Subscribers can be assigned to specified outgoing rule.

Warning! Following numbers force specified outgoing ports.

Outgoing directly via specified trunk

  • *41; *42 – outgoing via POTS trunks (FXO1; FXO2)
  • *51..*56 – outgoing via IP trunks (IPO)

Finishing number dialing #

Press # to finish number dialing, in fact pressing # forces dialing number by PBX.