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Slican TouchCTI v.1.01
Pełna instrukcja Slican TouchCTI:


Dear customer!
It is Slican's pleasure to present perfect tool for maintenance and monitoring of phone calls as well as conference management. The best solution is to use this software with Touchscreen PC.


Touch console Slican TouchCTI is destined for phone call operator support in following activities:
  • caller identification,
  • answering, rejecting and transferring call activities support,
  • presentation of internal phones status (free, busy, DND),
  • access to hold and waiting calls queue,
  • retrieving transferred calls if terminal subscriber didn't answers,
  • parked calls management,
  • searching internal numbers list and public phone book,
  • saving and searching call history,
  • conference creating and managing.
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TouchCTI - can be used in:

  • Emergency number service (112) stations, dispatcher stations.
  • Pproxy stations in large organizations as hospitals, offices, high schools, administrations.
  • All types of CallCenter solutions.
  • Everywhere with large number of incoming calls.


Basic elements of system: Slican server, Touchscreen PC, licence for application.

Installation and configuration

After successful software installation following elements should be configured:

On the Slican server side

Using ConfigMAN application following should be done:

  1. License code for Slican TouchCTI should be entered. Sheet: Global settings/Licences Field TouchCTI.
  2. Privileges for using application Slican TouchCTI for specified CTS phone should be set. Sheet: Subscribers/Special services Field TouchCTI.
  3. Subscriber PIN code should be set. Sheet: Subscribers/Services Field PIN[1].

On the TouchCTI application side

After installing application button T CTI Settings.png Settings should be selected, following tabs are available:


CTS phone number, Phone PIN[1], PBX IP address[2].

General settings

In this tab following changes should be done:

  • Defining button size viewed on screen. It is specially important for persons with impaired visions.
  • Do not show transferring calls, - If call was transferred (without announcing and until now there is not realized) - it is no visible in Call Queue Pane (it is visible in Additional options tabs - Forwarded).
  • Headphone for a CTS telephone - Switch on/off handling of headphones port in CTS system phone operating with TouchCTI application. Comfortable operation is possible while using headphones without touching system phone CTS. Call handling is provided only using TouchCTI application.
  • Enable double click for contacts - depending on user preferences, it is possible to set dialing number option możliwe jest takie ustawienie opcji wybierania numerów za pomocą kontaktów, aby było wymagane potwierdzenie wyboru danej pozycji.
  • Show date of last call[3] - In contact area date of last call is displayed.
  • Show time of last call[3] - In contact area time of last call is displayed.
  • Run application at Windows startup.
  • Run application in touchscreen mode. This function hide mouse pointer. To switch mouse pointer on you can use shortcut CTRL+M.

If application can't connected with Slican server

Lack of connection.JPG Lack of connection is signal with presented beside message in status window.

Then application and server IP connections should be checked.

If workstation is outside the LAN network or in another network location

In router connected to LAN or VLAN where Slican server is installed, port TCP:5529 should be forwarded. Additionally port UDP:5522, used for Slican IP system phones operating, should be forwarded.

Starting up

Warning! After proper launching, application intercepts and modifies some system phone functions.

CTS system phone functions intercept or modify by TouchCTI application

GUI and TouchCTI application elements

Main window.JPG

Action buttons

Are available in different contents - as icons in Call queue pane or in Contacts Tab.

Lala handset call3 green 32.png
Establish call,
dial number.
Lala handset horizontal3 red 32.png
Finish call, disconnect
while ringing - reject call.
Opcje kontekstu small.png
Option selection
Context menu.
TouchCTI Forwarded.png
Mute 32.png
Mute audio
call signaling.
Park this

Call queue pane: presentation and call management

Presents active and waiting calls, as well as calls which are returned to TouchCTI. It also enables to pick up, transfer and park calls.

Tab Zakladki contacts 24.pngContacts

Presents contact statuses for ports which are defined in TouchCTI, in Contacts Tabs.

Tab TouchCTI Forwarded.pngForwarded

In this tab calls forwarded by TouchCTI are presented. It is possible to present up to 28 such calls.

Tab Zakladki keyboard2 24.pngKeyboard

Enable to use numeric keyboard during number dialing from inside TouchCTI application.

Tab Zakladki book2 24.pngBook

  • Quick dialing numbers from private and public phone book.
  • Edition of Public Phone Book.
  • Quick creating new contacts.

Tab Zakladki history 24.png History

Enable to select number from history and eventually add it to the Contacts.

Tab Zakladki conference2 24.pngConference

Enable to create, managing and maintenance of conference.

How to use TouchCTI?


  1. 1.0 1.1 Four digits subscriber PIN code
  2. For Slican MAC-6400/MAC-ZERO it is the number of LAN interface included on controller card
  3. 3.0 3.1 Currently it concerns only contacts with PBX extension number