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Numbering in Slican ITS

External/outgoing calls

  • Depending on settings of Slican ITS:
    • Zero should be dialed next/or:
    • External number should be dialed and confirmed by #. PBX automatically (according programmed settings) routes call via specified outgoing line - (FXO or IPO). (By default FXO1 or FXO2 is selected). It is also possible to "manual" outgoing line selection.

Transferring calls

To transfer current call, you should press Flash button and dial target number. Caller will hear a melody and call will be holded.

  1. If target number is free:
    1. you hang up the handset and target number start ringing – if it is transfer without offering. If you can hear target phone ringing and nobody answer this call, you can intercept this ringing back by selecting service code *978.
    2. you wait until somebody answer the call (to inform receiver about transferred call) – next you hang up the handset - it is transfer with offering. If nobody answer call on target phone, you can return to holded call by pressing 2 x flash.
  2. If target number is busy, you can:
    1. press flash button once more – you return to holded call,
    2. hang up the handset – holded call rings back.

Answering doorphone calls during another call

If during any call, doorphone call takes place – you can hear, in the background, short beep signal (it is repeated). In this situation you can:

  1. finish the call, after hanging up the handset you can hear the ringing from doorphone.
  2. press flash and switch to doorphone call (another call stay holded) after next pressing flash button you return to holded call.

Service codes

Call forwarding *72<extension number> - on / *73 - off

  • To activate call forwarding dial *72 target_number and press # - after service activation, you can hear confirmation Service is active.
  • Code *73 should be selected to service deactivation.

Call intercerption *978

*978 - call interception (digits 78 ≡ PU PickUp) – if another connected to PBX phone is ringing you can „intrercept” this call by selecting this code.

Admin service codes

  • *981 - echo test – useful during PBX startup (only for internal calls)
  • *982 - melody test – useful during PBX startup (only for internal calls)
  • *947 – read PBX IP address (47 ≡ IP)
  • *931 - switching on DHCP client in ITS (default settings)
  • *930 - switching off DHCP client in ITS and assigning default IP parameters

These services can be unavailable in some VoIP gateways and phones.

How to connect Slican ITS with PC?