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What firmware version is in my Slican ITS?

It is necessarily to connect to ITS using Internet browser. Next you should select Pane:System ITS firmware.JPG

Version 1.04.0130

  • News
  • Possibility to define emergency output for subscriobers
  • Outgoing method using digits "0" and "8"
  • Protection against network attacks and SIP robots
  • New menu which enables landuage and ITS location selection
  • Corrected errors
  • No green dot which confirms VoIP subscriber log-in
  • Problems with acoustic after transfer call incoming via VoIP trunk
  • Corrected maintenance of calls incoming from Freeconet provider (only Poland)
  • Corrected maintenance of outgoing calls to Halonet and Dialog providers (only Poland)

Version 1.02.0010

  • News
  • possibility of time zone selection
  • ringing time limitation for doorphone calls
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Wrong hour after time zone change.
  • No possibility of transfer outgoing call by IP subscriber.
  • Call limit for SIP account was increased to two, to enable call transfer executed on phone level (not on PBX level).
  • Announced transfer for SIP account.
  • No busy signal for calls incoming via any trunk and routed to busy VoIP subscriber.
  • Improper calls routing for VoIP provider.
  • While group upringing - after disconnect of busy phones, they didn't start ringing.

Version 1.01.1180

  • Possibility of configuring up to 6 VoIP trunk in model ITS-0286.
  • English language added. (Both GUI and announcements).
  • Possibility of fixed assignment outgoing line to specified port.
  • Calls history for established outgoing calls added - Pane Call log.
  • PBX identifier added. Pane: Global options Field PABX Description
  • Delay in DTMF sending for outgoing calls via FXO. Pane Lines (FXO) Field DTMF delay.

Version 1.01.1080

  • Echo cancellation on FXO lines.
  • Near-end crosstalk liquidation while operating with some DECT phones
  • Outgoing calls routing via 0
  • Access facilities: Login removal

Version 1.01.1010

  • problem with disconnecting (from time to time) calls realized via analogue lines eliminated;
  • possibility of establishing outgoing calls via different lines even if prefix is the same;
  • PBX working modes launched;
  • VoIP port status included in GUI;
  • problems with call transit eliminated;
  • once more upringing agents who were busy while start group upringing;
  • call forwarding service to internal and external numbers;

How to use transferring call service

*72 phone number - unconditional call forwarding for all calls routed to this phone number
*73 - switch off call forwarding Call forwarding service is valid until PBX reset

First production version

  • 1.01.0820 - version issued in day of PBX premiere - 26.10.2009